Kyles Executive Travel and Minibus Hire in Neath

Terms and Conditions

A.            Deposits and Remaining Balances

1. A deposit is required in order to confirm and booking.
2. Deposits paid (in person, mailed in or verbally phoned in using credit or debit cards) are NONREFUNDABLE once received by Kyles Executive Travel
3. Remaining balances must be paid in full by the Balance Due Date on the booking form, unless a cash, money order, or account payment has been agreed with our office. Cash or Money Order payments must be paid to the Chauffeur at the time and place of the first collection (pick up) point.

B.            Grace Period

1.  A fifteen (15) Minute grace period shall be established for late arrival of your Vehicle due to weather, accident, or any other misfortune. We will endeavour to make your time up.

C.            Overtime

1. Any overtime after the booked time will be charged at (£30) per completed half hour. (60) per half hour after 12.00midnight.

D.            Damages to our vehicle & other vehicles

1. The client who books the vehicle will be responsible for the conduct of all the members of their party. Any damages to the vehicle or to its fixtures caused by the client, a member of their party or by inciting others shall incur a one hundred pounds (£100) ‘enforced downtime’ charge in the addition to the cost of the repairs and the loss of booked business whilst these repairs take place. A one hundred pounds (£100) ‘sick’ fee shall be charge if the client or a member of their party is sick inside the Vehicle plus the hourly cost of returning the Vehicle to our premises for valeting, charged at sixty  (£60) per hour. (NOTE: A FULL valet usually takes 3 hours)
2. If the contract is paid by credit/debit card or Kyles Executive Travel hold a credit/debit card number on file for that client, the client authorises us to charge that card for the costs in D.1 above. The hirer is liable for ALL damage costs incurred to both the vehicle & other vehicles.

E.             Cancellation Policy

1. Cancellations are only accepted in writing and must be received by us no later than 30 days prior to the hire date. We must receive wedding cancellations in writing no later than 90 days prior to hire. Cancellations for Royal Ascot or any other ‘high demand’ event are not accepted.
2. The chauffeur may terminate your booking if the client or any member of their party causes excessive delays, are disorderly or, in the chauffeur’s judgement, are unfit to travel, with no compensation made to the client.
3. In the unlikely event that we are unable to complete a booking due to circumstances beyond our control, a full refund will be given. Beyond this we are not liable for any additional costs incurred or the loss of any monies paid by the client or party for tickets etc for the event they are travelling to.
4. The contract will be cancelled for any violations of terms A, and or D. above with no compensation made to the client.

F.             Delays

Although Kyles Executive Travel will endeavour to meet all deadlines, we accept no responsibility for delay however caused.

G.            Airport Journeys

1. The amount of passengers and suitcases will be determined at the time of booking and will appear in the ‘booking details’ section overleaf and must not be exceeded due to weight and space restrictions.
2. Charges for airport collections include the first 30 minutes wait after the flight has landed and any additional time will be charged at the overtime rate stated in C. above.
3. Excessive delays may forfeit your return journey as other bookings may have been taken for that Vehicle on that day. You must call our office at the first instance from your departure airport to confirm details. Rerouted flights may not be able to be met by us and additional charges may be charged to the client. Check with your travel insurance company to see if you are covered for these costs.

H.            Access

Kyles Executive Travel accept no responsibility for restricted vehicle access (hump back bridges, width restrictions etc) at any location and not liable for delays caused by rerouted journeys. And reserve the right to decline unsuitable areas of access.

I.              Articles Left in our vehicles

Although we will take care, we will not be responsible for any loss or damage to luggage or personal property left in the Vehicle during or after the rental period.

J.             Consideration

For the comfort and consideration of other clients, passengers are not permitted to smoke in the vehicle. Journeys of more than 1 ½ hours may stop for a 10-minute break if pre arranged with our office.

K.            Seatbelts

Passengers in forward facing seats are required by law to wear seatbelts and for your safety we advise the wearing of seatbelts by all passengers. Baby Seats should be used in forward facing seats only.